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VOTE, or just shut up – RAP MONSTER (Song)

닥투 – RAP MONSTER of 방탄소년단 (Original Beat : Kanye West “Power”)

The lyrics of the song “닥투” revolve around the theme of encouraging young people to participate in voting. The title itself, “닥투,” appears to be an acronym for “닥치고 투표해” in Korean, which translates to “Shut up and Vote.”

During the performance of this song in 2012, RM faced a limitation—he was a minor and, as such, did not possess the legal rights to vote in the election. Despite being ineligible to cast his ballot, RM took the opportunity to passionately advocate for the importance of voting, especially targeting young adults who often overlook or ignore their role in elections.

The lyrics reflect his commitment to civic engagement, with the memorable line “vote is yours but future is ours,” emphasizing the collective impact of every citizen, including minors like himself. In essence, the song serves as a rallying cry to inspire young people to recognize the significance of their voices in shaping the future, even if they might not have the ability to vote at that particular moment.

English subtitles can be found here