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Let’s Introduce BANGTAN ROOM (song)

“Let’s Introduce Bangtan Room” by RM serves as an introduction to BTS’ old dormitory, providing a glimpse into the musical influences and personal tastes of the group. Released on December 22, 2012, the song starts with RM presenting a collection of iconic albums, including Snoop Dogg’s “DoggyStyle” and J.Dilla’s work, emphasizing their significance in hip-hop. The room also features a Michael Jackson poster, symbolizing the timeless appeal of legendary artists.

RM showcases a machine that inspired many, the A.S.R. 10, known for its use by artists like Kanye, Timbo, and Neptunes. The dormitory includes skateboard decks, discontinued but cool, and cute figurines, creating a unique and vibrant atmosphere. In a playful manner, RM greets fellow member Jin and proceeds to introduce himself as Rap Monster, highlighting his passion for rap at the age of 19.

Proudly asserting his rap skills and the group’s identity as BTS, RM invites those who love hip-hop to join them. The mention of “Lodi dodi we likes to party” adds a touch of enthusiasm, leaving an open seat for anyone who shares a passion for the genre. Overall, the introduction provides a snapshot of the cultural and musical environment within the Bangtan Room while showcasing RM’s charismatic and playful personality.

English subtitles can be found here