Lesson Plan

Let’s break down tackling Korean grammar using the 80/20 method:

Learn Essential Sentence Structures (20% of Effort, 80% of Impact):

  • Begin by understanding basic sentence structures in Korean. Focus on subject-object-verb order and common sentence patterns.
  • Learn essential particles like 은/는 (topic marker), 이/가 (subject marker), and 을/를 (object marker).

Master Basic Verb Conjugations (20% of Effort, 80% of Impact):

  • Prioritize common verb conjugations for present, past, and future tenses.
  • Focus on irregular verbs and their conjugations.

Explore Key Grammar Points (20% of Effort, 80% of Impact):

  • Identify key grammar points that are widely used in various contexts.
  • Examples include honorifics (존댓말), causative forms, and conditional forms.

Understand Sentence Endings (20% of Effort, 80% of Impact):

  • Learn sentence-ending particles and structures that convey different nuances.
  • Examples include 요, 다, and various casual sentence endings.

Practice with Real-Life Dialogues (20% of Effort, 80% of Impact):

  • Engage in dialogues that incorporate the grammar points you’ve learned.
  • Practice speaking in different situations to reinforce your understanding.

Focus on High-Utility Grammar (20% of Effort, 80% of Impact):

  • Identify grammar points commonly used in everyday conversations and written texts.
  • Examples include conjunctions (그리고, 그래서) and comparison structures.

Build Fluency with Common Expressions (20% of Effort, 80% of Impact):

  • Learn common expressions and idiomatic phrases that native speakers frequently use.
  • Incorporate these expressions into your conversations for a more natural flow.