2013 01 23



2013 January… January 23, Rap Monster Diary.

It’s 3:30am right now. I had a lot to do. I thought it would finish really late but it actually ended pretty early so I feel great.

I am a calm and energetic person, making great efforts and living life positively, also the weather turned cold. No, the weather is getting cold so I hope you stay warm. The weather needs to warm up again quickly so I can train my body. Right now I’m like an anchovy.

I need to train my body and I can wear half sleeves in spring and shorts in winter. No, winter? Summer… Wearing shorts in summer, I really want to wear that. So the weather needs to hurry up and warm up again.

I really want to be… swag.

All my work finished early today, so I feel really great.

Yeah… I hope everyone had a beautiful day. A beautiful night yeah.

(Translation credit @/killmeplease)

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