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130112 JIN

2013 01 12

130112 Jin’s Log Translation:

2013 January 12th, Jin’s log.

Today I got up extremely early and went to a jjimjilbang (public bathhouse). Uh… I got to relax and got a good scrub. I ate elvan-baked eggs, at shaved ice, and got to sleep a bit more. I think it was quite good for refreshment.

I should do this from time to time. Recently, our boss tells me I’ve gained weight every time he sees me, but I don’t really know. To be honest, to think that I’ve gained weight… I can’t really tell what the standard is for gaining weight. I feel like that I look similar to before. Well, if I’ve gained weight, then I will have to loss weight.

These days I think my body has become weaker. Maybe it’s because I sleep near the window in our room. When I wake up, my mouth is a little stiff. Nowadays – No, nowadays things have changed after a good conversation. But before, Rapmonster used to have a habit of opening the window before sleeping.

Back then… *laughs* I thought I was going to die. Uh… Anyway, my body feels much weaker. And I think this is extremely bad for me. I will try my best to enhance my immune system and maintain a better health.

If I am unhealthy, this means that it will affect my singing or dancing or anything else that I do. If it means that it will only affect me, it isn’t that important. But if I’m unwell, I feel like it also affects my team as well.

That’s why I think taking care of my body is crucial. I will work harder to maintain good health.

2013 January 12th, Jin’s log. The end.

(translation credit @hopefulmang8072)

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