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2013 01 08



January 8, 2013, Rap Monster.

I don’t sleep, I’m a rap monster but I can’t rap (laughs) It’s not going well, honestly it’s cold, I’m sleepy, I want to go home. But, the company wants to see something so I’m here to work hard.

I’m also very hungry right now, but I’ve gained weight… It’s 2am. m. right now… I probably can’t sleep, these days rappers are in and a lot of people are listening to it.

Also these records, people say I’m clumsy so I’m doing records in a way that I’m not awkward. Also, I haven’t worked like this for a while, I want to show things quickly, be recognized, so today I’m going to work hard.
Fighting (laughs)

(Translation credit @antonellavelasco8067)

Click here for the English subtitled video by Bangtan Sub