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2013 01 07



2013 January 7th, Rap Monster’s log.

A new year has started. I got a new hairstyle and also bought new clothes. I think that this year is going to be an important one for me.

I used to just think about things (t/n alluding to debut) in my head, but Bang PDnim talked to me yesterday, which made things more real/detailed.

Before going to bed, I sat around and thought a lot. I realized that I’ve strayed from my heart from when I first started music. I believe that I haven’t even showed half of my music and rap to BigHit and I trust in myself, so I don’t agree with Bang PDnim’s thoughts that I won’t be as good as the major and underground rappers. But I won’t be arrogant.

However, since some people can think that, I think it’s time to show myself more so in order to show my other half potential, I need to wake myself up and blow up my potential.

I will live the way I have made my mind up to be, but not however I’d like to (t/n not waste it away and do stupid things).

I will promise myself this and make this year my year.

This concludes 2013 January 7th Rap Monster’s admonition. The end.

(English translation by @gracelee6445)

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