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PROOF Concept Photos – Proof Press Release

Group BTS has released a different version of the concept photo “Proof” of its new album, drawing attention from fans. On the 29th, BTS posted a concept photo of his further album Proof on his official SNS. It is the same “Proof” version as the concept photo released earlier, and this time it contains close-up shots of each member. If the group photo was determined and the intense eyes were impressive, the close-up shots of each member stand out in seven different colours. While being hit by laser beams that aim at the target under blue lights, the members stare at one place with confident eyes, showing their strength not to yield to prejudice and oppression.

The proof is an anthology album that implies nine years of activities since BTS’s debut. The concept photo “Proof” version also expresses the history of BTS, which has proved its value through music by confronting pouring prejudice and oppression and overcoming difficult moments.

The proof contains songs about BTS’s past, present, and future.

PROOF concept photos – Door Press Release

While the “Proof” version of the concept photo emphasized BTS’s determined will to prove their value over the past nine years by preventing prejudice and oppression, the “Door” version expresses hope to advance toward a new historical moment using its footsteps as a driving force.

The contrast of the color of the two versions of the concept photo background and the costume, which are divided into black and white, symbolizes the past and future of BTS, respectively.

The bulletproof boy band wearing a suit in a white background looks at the camera with a serious expression while showing a calm atmosphere. The costume also uses warm, soft colors and materials to complete a relaxed and sophisticated image. The individual cut has the personality of seven members. The white cloth adds calm and optimistic energy, and the bulletproof boy band, combined with a lightly flying white fabric, makes you expect the ‘best moment’ to be unfolded in the future. BTS will release its new album ‘Proof’ on June 10th. It is an anthology album with a history of nine years since its debut. It consists of three CDs containing BTS’ past, present, and future. (PHOTOS: Big Hit Music)

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