Map of the Soul: 7

BTS Map of the Soul 7

Map of the Soul: 7 is a Studio Album by BTS

Original title: MAP OF THE SOUL: 7

Released: February 21, 2020

Recorded: 2019-20

Genre: Pop, R&B, hip hop, rap rock, trap, EDM

Length: 70:46 (Physical Ver.) — 74:52 (Digital Ver.)

Language: Korean

Label: Big Hit Entertainment, IRIVER, Columbia Records, Virgin Records

Credits adapted from Tidal


  1. Intro: Persona (solo by RM)
  2. 작은 것들을 위한 시 (Boy With Luv)
  3. Make It Right
  4. Jamais Vu (song by Jin, J-Hope and Jungkook)
  5. Dionysus
  6. Interlude: Shadow (solo by Suga)
  7. Black Swan Follow-up
  8. Filter (solo by Jimin)
  9. 시차 (My Time) (solo by Jungkook)
  10. Louder than bombs
  11. ON
  12. 욱 (UGH!) (song by Rap line)
  13. 00:00 (Zero O’Clock) (song by Vocal line)
  14. Inner Child (solo by V)
  15. 친구 (Friends) (song by Jimin and V)
  16. Moon (solo by Jin)
  17. Respect (song by RM and Suga)
  18. We are Bulletproof: the Eternal
  19. Outro: Ego (solo by J-Hope)
  20. ON (feat. Sia) (Digital Version only)


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