BTS World: Original Soundtrack

BTS BTS World Original Soundtrack

BTS World: Original Soundtrack is a soundtrack album by BTS.

It contains the soundtracks of the Netmarble mobile gam, BTS World.

Original title: BTS World: Original Soundtrack

Released: June 28, 2019

Length: 36:20 (Physical Ver.) — 46:43 (Digital Ver.)

Language: Korean, English

Label: TakeOne Company, Big Hit Entertainment

Producer: Various

Credits adapted from Tidal


  1. Heartbeat Title
  2. Dream Glow (song by Jin, Jimin and Jungkook with Charli XCX)
  3. A Brand New Day (song by J-Hope and V with Zara Larsson)
  4. All Night (song by RM and Suga with Juice WRLD)
  5. Captain (Namjun Theme)
  6. Cake Waltz (Jimin Theme)
  7. Shine (Yunki Theme)
  8. Not Alone (Jeongguk Theme)
  9. Friends (Hoseok Theme)
  10. Wish (Seok Jin Theme)
  11. Flying (Taehyung Theme)
  12. LaLaLa (by OKDAL) (Digital Version only)
  13. You Are Here (by Lee Hyun) (Digital Version only)
  14. You Are Here (Inst.) (by Lee Hyun) (Digital Version only)


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