Intro: Singularity

BTS Intro: Singularity is a song from the Love Yourself: Tear album.

Original title: Intro: Singularity

Released: May 6, 2018 (as CT) — May 18, 2018

Genre: Alternative R&B

Length: 3:14

Language: Korean

Label: Big Hit Entertainment

Song Writers: Charlie J. Perry, RM

Producer: Charlie J. Perry

Credits adapted from Tidal

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BTS Intro: Singularity Lyrics & Translations

‘Singularity’ ended up being a song completely full of syllables with no white space, If there wasn’t going to be a performance, it would have ended up a completely different song.”

BTS V – Kim Taehyung (weverse magazine)

We tried it out because V was more into R&B and soul at the time, and his deep, bassy, mellow vocals also fit the genre well. It’s extremely hard to groove to a song like ‘Singularity’ when the rhythm’s got a sort of lay back and there are so many intricate parts. Most of all, it had to feel seductive, so we even turned off all the lights when we recorded it.”

Pdogg (weverse magazine)

Other Performances:

BTS V – Singularity 2018 KBS Song Festival 2018.12.28