Converse High

BTS Converse High is a song from The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt.1 album.

“Converse High” is a song by BTS inspired by leader RM’s ideal type of girl wearing red Converse shoes. The song expresses their youthful innocence towards love while incorporating a “thesis, antithesis, and synthesis” format in the rap verses. It praises Converse shoes and has garnered positive responses, although there has been controversy due to potential misogynistic elements.

Original title: Converse High

Released: April 29, 2015

Length: 3:30

Language: Korean

Label: Big Hit Entertainment

Song Writers: Pdogg, Slow Rabbit

Producer: Pdogg, Slow Rabbit, RM, Suga, J-Hope

Credits adapted from Tidal

BTS Converse High Lyrics & Translations

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