Yet To Come

BTS members talking about Yet To Come

Q: The opening track on Proof is “Yet To Come.” What did you think it is exactly that’s yet to come?

RM: I had something like “High Hopes” in mind when I was first making “Yet To Come.” It’s like a kind of wish: Yeah, that’s right. Our glory days aren’t now—they’re still ahead of us. I started making it thinking it would be a universal thing for us to sing about it, but I’m not sure how it’ll be received once the album comes out. I hope it takes on an allure of its own as it floats around between people.

Q: In other words, it’s all “Yet To Come.” It means BTS has further to go.

RM: I don’t believe in maintaining the status quo. You don’t climb to the top and stay there by maintaining the status quo. I feel like I need to do something better but I haven’t been able to grasp what it is yet. I always thought we were the kind of group who always had a grasp of, I guess you could say, the tipping point in any situation we faced. And we always knew what we had to do every time, but now I feel like I’m not sure.

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It’s fascinating the way you’re able to hold onto that sense of trust between members. It also reminds me of some of the lyrics from “Yet To Come” off Proof: “I saw lots of changes but Say everything stayed the same.”

Jin: I find it fascinating, too. They’re all very ambitious, but I think you could say they’re not that ambitious at the same time. They are extremely ambitious collectively as the group, but they set aside their personal ambitions sometimes, believing that the group comes first. I’m more fascinated than thankful about how this is even possible, but still, everyone puts the group first. I’m grateful for the very fact that they’ve all made certain personal sacrifices to better fit with the group’s needs and I think Namjoon is amazing for the fantastic job he did coordinating everything and everyone.

“Yet To Come” seems to suggest that the best is yet to come. But hearing what you’ve said, it seems like every moment has been the best moment for you.

Jin: I always feel like every moment is the best moment. How can anything be better than now? That’s ridiculous. (laughs)

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Speaking of improving, the way you change over the course of Proof is impressive. Your rap style has changed a lot. And you don’t usually use autotune, but you do on “Yet To Come.”

j-hope: I’m always picking up new techniques, and anytime I get a BTS song, I have an instinct about how I should go about it. There’s no particular reason change happens; I think everything I’ve ever learned and all the energy I’ve absorbed just instinctively comes out in the moment.

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If we were to compare you to the lyrics of “Yet To Come” from Proof, you seem closer to still having a lot left to show than to, “the best moment is yet to come.”

SUGA: I started to consider that my secret weapon from some point. I tried songs in various styles on D-2, too. I feel like I might not be able to become a master of one genre, but I can wear many hats. There’s still so much I want to do. I have no feel for what kind of music I’m going to be making in my 30s, 40s or 50s, but I want to keep doing music until the day I die. I’m someone who can wear many different hats, so I think I started to worry less when I think about what kind of music I’ll do after. (laughs)

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​How does it feel to have made a three-disc album?

Jimin: At first, my most frequently occurring thought was, “We sure have done a lot.” It gave me a little time to reflect, too, and that idea that the best is yet to come is also what “Yet To Come” is about. And in the same way, I want to do lots of even better things in the future, too.

You must have had a lot of thoughts like that coming to you when you were singing “Yet To Come.”

Jimin: So now I’m looking forward to it. I’m looking forward to knowing who I’ll become and how much better I’m going to be able to perform.

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For Proof, you did the introductions to “Yet To Come,” “Run BTS” and “For Youth.” Did you have to do anything special when recording each song?

Jung Kook: I mostly just listen for the mood of a song and then sing it—there’s no exact way to define what I do. But to put it simply, I’d say I sang “For Youth” in a very sorrowful way, “Run BTS” in a way that sounds like we did a long time ago and “Yet To Come” with a similar feeling to “Life Goes On.” I kept thinking I wanted to try recording again. I think I could do better, just that things were a little hectic when we recorded.

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